Dry Coolers

By using the externat ambient air ,Dry Coolers are manufactured for the purpose of Cooling  the process water, are designed in horizantal and vertical.

All range of Gemak Condensers', are suitable to work at external environmental conditions, ave been designed to be used at air conditioning facilities with Freon Gassed Cooling.

» 5/8" Copper Tube ( staggered), aluminium fin (corrugated surface) , galvanized steel and steel manifold is used in Standard Gemak production.

» According to the usage  Upon to the request; epoxy fin , electrostatic powder dye , stainless steel and a copper manifold can be used.

» Ø630 and Ø800mm triphaze Fan Motors can be used in Standard Gemak Production.

» All Models  can be produced in accordance for installation; appropriate to the horizantal air flow (vertical type ,D) and appropriate to the Vertical air flow ( horizantal type, Y)